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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class II. Words Relating to Space
Section II. Dimensions
3. Centrical Dimensions
1. General
223. Covering.
NOUN:COVERING, cover, baldachin or baldaquin; canopy, shamianah [Hind.], tilt, awning, tent, marquee, marquise, wigwam, tepee, tente d’abri [F.], umbrella, parasol, sunshade; veil (shade) [See Shade]; shield (defense) [See Defense].
  ROOF, ceiling, thatch, tile, pantile, tiling, slates, slating, leads, shingles; dome, cupola, mansard, hip roof; barrack [U. S.], plafond [F.], planchment [U. S.], tiling, shed (abode) [See Abode].
  TOP, lid, covercle [obs.], door, operculum; bulkhead [U. S.].
  WRAPPING, bandage, plaster, lint, dossil, pledget, finger stall.
  COVERLET, counterpane, sheet, quilt, blanket, rug, drugget; housing; tidy, antimacassar, eiderdown quilt or eiderdown; comforter or comfortable or comfort [all U. S.] numdah [Hind.], pillowcase, pillowslip; linoleum, oilcloth; tarpaulin; saddle blanket, saddlecloth; tilpah [U. S.], apishamore [U. S.], poncho.
  TEGMEN (pl. tegmina), integument, tegument; skin, pellicle, fleece, fell, fur, leather, lambskin, sable, miniver, beaver, ermine, shagreen, hide, coat, buff, pelt, peltry [collective noun]; cordwain [archaic]; robe, buffalo robe [U. S.].
  CUTICLE, cutis, dermis, corium, scarfskin, epidermis, derm [rare], derma; ectoderm, epithelium, ecderon, ecteron, enderon.
  EXUVIÆ, desquamation, slough, cast, cast-off skin.
  CLOTHING [See Investment]; mask (concealment) [See Ambush].
  PEEL, crust, bark, rind, cortex, husk, shell, epicarp, testa; eggshell, glume.
  CAPSULE; sheath, sheathing; pod, cod [dial.], casing, case, theca; elytron; elytrum; involucrum; wrapping, wrapper; envelope, vesicle; cornhusk, cornshuck [U. S.].
  DERMATOGRAPHY, dermatology, dermatogen, dermoplasty, dermatopathy, dermatophyte; conchology; testaceology.
  VENEER, facing; pavement; imbrication, scale (layer) [See Layer]; anointing &c. v.; ointment (grease) [See Oil]; inunction; incrustation, superposition, obduction [obs.]; coating, paint, stain, engobe; varnish (resin) [See Oil]a; ground, enamel, whitewash, plaster, stucco, roughcast, plasterwork, scagliola, compo; cerement; cerecloth, shroud.
VERB:COVER; superpose, superimpose; overlay, overspread; wrap [See Investment]; incase, encase, enchase, face, case, veneer, pave, paper; tip, cap, bind; bulkhead, bulkhead in; clapboard [U. S.], shingle; imbricate.
  overlie, overarch; endome [rare]; conceal [See Concealment].
  COAT, paint, stain, varnish, flat, incrust, encrust, crust, cement, roughcast, stucco, dab, plaster, tar; wash; besmear; bedaub; anoint, do over; gild, plate, japan, lacquer, lacker, enamel, whitewash; parget; lay it on thick.
ADJECTIVE:COVERING &c. v.; cutaneous, dermal, cortical, cuticular, tegumentary, tegumental, tegmental, integumentary, integumental, epidermal or epidermic, endermic, epicarpal, testaceous, dermatopathic, dermatological, dermoplastic, dermatophytic, subcutaneous, hypodermic.
  SCALY, squamate, squamiferous, squamous; covered &c. v.; imbricate, imbricated, loricate, loricated, armored, encuirassed, armor-plated, ironclad, under cover.
  HOODED, cowled, cucullate or cucullated, tectiform, rooflike; vaginate.
  SKINLIKE, dermic, dermoid, dermatoid, epidermoid, skinny.


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