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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.
Class V. Words Releasing to the Voluntary Powers
Division (I) Individual Volition
Section II. Prospective Volition
2. Degree of Subservience
652. Cleanness.
NOUN:CLEANNESS &c. adj.; purity; cleaning &c. v.; purification, defecation &c. v.; purgation, lustration; abstersion [rare], detersion; aspersion, asperges [R. C. Ch.]; epuration [rare], mundation [obs.], ablution, lavation, colature [obs.]; disinfection &c. v.; drainage, sewerage.
  BATH, bathroom, swimming pool, natatorium, swimming bath, public bath, baths, bathhouse, hot bath [See Furnace]; lavatory; laundry, washhouse.
  CLEANER, washerwoman, laundress, dhobi [India], laundryman, washerman; scavenger, sweeper; mehtar (fem. mehtrani), bhangi [all India]; mud lark [slang]; crossing -, street- sweeper, white wings [local, U. S.]; dustman; sweep.
  brush; broom, besom, vacuum cleaner, carpet sweeper; mop, swab, hose; scraper; rake, shovel; sieve, riddle, screen, filter; blotter.
  napkin, serviette, cloth, maukin [obs.], malkin [obs.], handkerchief, towel, sudary, sudarium, face cloth, wash cloth; doily or doyley, bib; carving cloth, tablecloth; duster, sponge.
  MAT, doormat, rug, drugget, cover.
  [CLEANSING AGENTS] wash, lotion, detergent, soap, purifier &c. v.; disinfectant; benzene, benzine, benzol, benzolin; bleaching powder, chloride of lime; lye, buck.
  DENTIFRICE, tooth paste, tooth powder; mouth wash.
  CATHARTIC, purgative, aperient, deobstruent, laxative.
  CLEAN, cleanse; mundify [obs.], rinse, wring, flush, full, wipe, mop, sponge, scour, swab, scrub.
  wash, lave (water) [See Water]; launder, buck; absterge [rare], deterge; decrassify; clear, purify; depurate, spurate [rare], despumate, defecate; purge, expurgate, elutriate, lixiviate, edulcorate, clarify, refine, rack; percolate, separate, strain, filter, filtrate, drain.
  SIFT, winnow, sieve, bolt, screen, riddle; pick, weed.
  COMB, rake, scrape, rasp; hackle, heckle, card.
  SWEEP, brush, brush up, whisk, broom, vacuum [colloq.].
  rout -, clear -, sweep &c.- out; make a clean sweep of, clean house, spruce up [colloq.].
  DISINFECT, fumigate, ventilate, deodorize; whitewash.
ADJECTIVE:CLEAN, cleanly; pure; immaculate; spotless, stainless, taintless, trig [dial.], without a stain, unstained, unspotted, unsoiled, unsullied, untainted, uninfected; sweet, - as a nut.
  NEAT, spruce, tidy, trim, jimp or gimp [Scot. & dial. Eng.], clean as a new penny, like a cat in pattens; cleaned &c. v.; kempt [archaic].
  ABSTERGENT, detergent, depurative, abstersive [rare], cathartic, cleansing, purifying.
ADVERB:NEATLY &c. adj.; clean as a whistle.
  1. Cleanliness is next to godliness.
  2. I’ll purge and leave sack and live cleanly.—Shakespeare
  3. Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.—Bible
  4. Cleanliness is not next to godliness nowadays, for cleanliness is made an essential and godliness is regarded as an offence.—Chesterton


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